Joining First Baptist Church

God’s Spirit may be leading you to join First Baptist Church as a member. If so, you are invited to make your decision public by meeting Pastor James or any other staff member at the sanctuary altar during the hymn which immediately follows the sermon in a worship service. Church membership at FBC indicates your commitment to participate actively in the ministry of a local church of baptized Christians under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. A person may become a member of First Baptist based upon any of the following decisions:

  1. Profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Lord
  2. Baptism by immersion (going under the water)
  3. Transfer of one’s church “letter” or coming by statement of membership from another Baptist church.
  4. Coming by statement of faith in Christ and that one has been baptized by immersion if a member of another non-Baptist church.

Our staff is always available to visit with you regarding membership at First Baptist Church.