What is your weekly schedule?

8:30am Prayer Room and Library opens
9:00am Bible study in a class of your choice
10:30am Morning worship (broadcast live on internet, KSAN channel 3, and KCLL 100.1FM)
4:45pm Winner’s Circle @ River Point apartments
5:30pm Youth Open Gym in the Christian Life Center
6:00pm Evening Worship Service
6:00pm “Collide” – Youth Small Groups

4:30pm Library Open
5:00pm Sunday School teacher’s meeting
5:00pm Mid-Week Meal in the Fellowship Hall
6:00pm Prayer Meeting and Bible Study in the Fellowship Hall
6:00pm Youth CRAVE worship on the youth floor
6:00pm Mission Friends
6:00pm Children in Action
6:45pm Sanctuary Choir Rehearsal

What should I wear?

You’ll find a wide variety of clothing styles on any given Sunday morning at FBC. Some people dress in suits while others favor more casual attire. We simply ask that you be comfortable and wear clothing that would not distract others from Bible study or worship.

Where do I park and enter the building?

Parking lots are located on every side of the church campus. The main sanctuary is at the corner of Harris and Oakes, adjacent to Shannon Hospital and the Shannon downtown clinic. The main sanctuary is the building with the “big red doors.” You may park in the hospital’s visitor parking, as well. Deacons are located in each parking lot to assist you in finding an entrance or in answering any questions you may have. Greeters are located at every entrance to the church building and can guide you to the sanctuary or to a Sunday school gathering. The church also has a beautiful Welcome Center with a great deal of information about the church. A door greeter can escort you to the Welcome Center. Greeters and ushers in the sanctuary can help you find a place to sit in worship if needed. The sanctuary is two-tiered with a balcony, and there is no “reserved seating.” You are welcomed to sit where you would like without having to worry about “sitting in someone’s spot.”

What will worship be like?

A worship guide, or bulletin, is available to let you know what will happen in the worship service on any given Sunday. We sing old hymns of the church as well as new spiritual songs about our faith in Christ. Bill Gillum, our Music Minister, leads the music portion of the worship service. Church services feature a dynamic choir and orchestra in worship. Guests musicians participate often, as well. Dr. Hassell presents an applicable and prepared sermon based on a reading of the Bible. Worship services also include prayer times, Scripture readings, an offering, and a public invitation either to become a Christian or to join the church. Children are most welcome to attend worship services. Dr. Hassell even hosts a time for children often on Sunday mornings during the worship service. A nursery and extended child care for kids who are 4 years old and under however is located in the first floor children’s facilities.

Will I be contacted if I visit the church?

The church staff and members are eager to know you. You can meet with staff members after church services in the church atrium if you have any questions. Guests are also encouraged to fill out a special information form on the “Guest Registration” page at our website if you desire to be contacted. This form asks you about your preferences for continued conversation (i.e. by phone, mail, email, home visit, etc.). We will neither use nor disseminate any of this information without your permission.

How can I get involved?

FBC encourages active involvement in the church’s ministries. Beyond the traditional entry points into church service, we have a variety of ministry teams that may be a good fit for your talents and spiritual gifts. Please inquire of a staff member or call the church office to hear about these teams as well as the large number of ministries and activities in which you can participate. There is a place for you!

What about the Mid-Week Meal?

FBC has a family meal every Wednesday evening in the Fellowship Hall, which is just adjacent to a spacious professional grade kitchen. The meal line opens at 5:00pm and remains open even during the Bible study time in the Fellowship Hall which begins at 6:00pm. The mid-week meal is not “for church members only,” and is a great way for you to get to know church members who enjoy each other’s company and encourage one another at the mid-week point. Meal prices are $5 for an individual with a limit of $15 for a family. Your first meal with us is free.